It’s the kind of email you, Ms or Mr Website Owner, never wants to receive.

“Your account has been suspended,” they write.

If your internet hosting company suspended your account because of a billing issue, that’s easy to fix. But what if your host (or Google) has flagged your account because it has been breached by hackers?

I can help.

Last week I got a referral from a friend in Sausalito — a glass artist pal had his site suspended. Someone inserted malware in his website and was using the infected account to send out tons of spam.

Could I clean it up and get it back online?

Here’s a screencap of the email with the dire news:

I cleaned up his account — working with his hosting company — and his website was back online within 36 hours.

How can you avoid getting hacked/infected? If hackers can steal files from the NSA, it’s obvious no site is 100% secure. But there’s one prophylactic measure everyone can employ:

Make sure you use a strong password.

Now a password with the name of your first pet and your BFF or loved one’s birthday may be easy to remember, but it’s also easy to crack.

Use the j(l<56DFvw98x^ – style password your browser suggests. If you have scores of accounts, like I do, use a password manager. On my Mac, I use the 1password app, which also syncs to my iPhone. PC users can find password manager app suggestions at

Is this all too little too late and your site is already infected?

Hit me up.

When you least suspect it, you’re infected
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