Like the proverbial shoemaker whose kids go barefoot, I’ve been building other people’s websites for years and neglecting to build my own.

Until now.

Having to step back and to decide what I wanted, write my own bio, and describe what I do for clients has been a super learning experience.

Apparently, I am one of those “clients from Hell!” 😉

This is just the first iteration of the site.

Stay tuned as I iterate.

P.S.: "What's all this about 'wasting bandwidth?'" my sister emailed.

When I first got online [dialup.netcom.telnet] I was scolded for "wasting bandwidth" because my email "signature" file was more than three lines long. When you dialed in at 2400 baud, every byte was sacred, GIFs were a luxury, and video was something you downloaded overnight. I predicted, however, that bandwidth -- the pipe, the through-put -- would increase so we'd soon have the interactive multimedia Internet we dreamed about -- an Internet these web puritans thought was "wasteful." Bandwidth, I posited, was a commodity.  And one man's waste was another man's content.

My 1992 ironic prediction -- "Bandwidth expands to fit the waste available" -- was known as VOIDMSTR's LAW (I am the VOIDMSTR) and was featured in WIRED magazine.

Last night, on my iPhone at home, I watched a live video streamed from the back streets of Jerusalem. I was right. Bandwidth DOES expand to fit the "waste" available!

Welcome to my new website
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