We launched this website yesterday:


Journalist Robert Rand has been covering the Menendez brothers murders since the 1990s and is consulting on NBC’s new Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders miniseries.

He’s also finishing a book — full of previously undisclosed secrets that will shock the nation. The Menendez Murders is due out next Spring.

He needed a site to serve as his base for promoting the book and growing his own brand.

I built a one-page WordPress site that features the book blurb and his bio, a link to preorder from Amazon, and embedded his Twitter timeline to keep it current.

A video of an interview with Rand and a screencap of a phone call from imprisoned brother Lyle Menendez highlight the author’s unique access.

  • Web geekery: The site is built entirely with free WP themes and plugins! 🙂

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New Website: The Menendez Murders by Robert Rand
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