My website just went live  — a mobile-first. one-page site for a small company that repairs and restores damaged alloy wheels/rims.

TruWheel has been in business since 1993, and their old website looked like the last millennium.

What they needed was a new site that looked good on mobile since ~75% of site’s visitors will find TruWheel on their phones.

What we wanted to focus on was

  • Reasons to choose TruWheel: We show five slides with TruWheel’s “unique value proposition” and links to their YELP reviews
  • Location: Map and address in multiple locations written and directions (“…west of the freeway”)
  • Contact: Call, email: Dial right from the website or send email

Pretty cool, I think!

Need a new or refreshed website? Hit me up!

This mobile-first website just went live
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