I design, write, build, and/or maintain websites for 21st Century professionals just like you

My web development clients start out with no website, old websites, broken websites, and malware-infected websites. When we’re done they have newly-designed websites that tell their stories, sell their products, impress their fans, and look good on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

What kind of sites do I produce?

  • Journalist Robert Rand has been covering the Menendez brothers murders since the 1990s and is consulting on NBC’s new Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders miniseries. He’s also finishing a book — full of previously undisclosed secrets that will shock the nation. The Menendez Murders is due out next Spring. I designed and built his site to serve as his base for promoting the book and growing his own brand. It’s a site with a dark “skin” — foreboding, like the topic. Visit The Menendez Murders by Robert Rand to get the vibe.
  • TruWheel has been repairing and restoring alloy rims/wheels since 1993, and their website looked like it. The highly-rated company in North Hollywood (five stars on YELP!) needed a state-of-the-art website that was specifically designed to look cool and work well on mobile phones. I conceived and built a mobile-first website that allows one-click calling directly from  TruWheel’s webpage. Check out 1-800-FIX-A-RIM aka TruWheel.com.


  • Rights Universal is a Los-Angeles based nonprofit with a mission to spotlight human rights abuses around the world, particularly discrimination against women, children and LGBT citizens. The group’s first website was needlessly hard to customize and maintain. I led the team that effected the migration, installation, conversion and production of a beautiful new WordPress site which just went live (April 15) at RightsUniversal.org.




  • Debra Eckerling is a Santa Monica writer, editor, writing coach, and a journalist colleague. Her cramped old website needed a new look and a new approach to telling her story. Since we redesigned and relaunched her website, she’s published a new book and picked up a host of new clients.