The website that goes to 11? We may be back, soon!

I’ve been Spinal Tap’s webmaster for almost 20 years. I built three or four sites for Harry Shearer, too. Right now, our Spinal Tap dot com domain redirects visitors to our friend Chip Rowe’s Spinal Tap fan site. This may soon change, as Harry, Michael McKean, Sir Christopher Guest and Rob Reiner have sued

RON HALPERN, an individual;

The band is suing for royalties on the film, on music, on merch, etc.

Has the studio EVER sued anyone for using “It goes to 11”? No.

All the docs from the SPINAL TAP lawsuit are here at

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Here’s the new site I built for my friend and associate Lalo Alacaraz

My POCHO partner — Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz — needed a new website since the one we built for him in 2011 was getting pretty stale. is still in development since Lalo has been on the road promoting COCO, the smash Pixar animated feature film on which he was a cultural consultant, so what you see is only a small portion of the ultimate site.

We’re using this barebones site to sell his latest Cartoon Calendar, so make sure to check out the store page, and order your 2018 Calendar now! 

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New Website: The Menendez Murders by Robert Rand

We launched this website yesterday:


Journalist Robert Rand has been covering the Menendez brothers murders since the 1990s and is consulting on NBC’s new Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders miniseries.

He’s also finishing a book — full of previously undisclosed secrets that will shock the nation. The Menendez Murders is due out next Spring.

He needed a site to serve as his base for promoting the book and growing his own brand.

I built a one-page WordPress site that features the book blurb and his bio, a link to preorder from Amazon, and embedded his Twitter timeline to keep it current.

A video of an interview with Rand and a screencap of a phone call from imprisoned brother Lyle Menendez highlight the author’s unique access.

  • Web geekery: The site is built entirely with free WP themes and plugins! 🙂

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